DVD - Defensive Handgun Training Program Skills and Drills Volume 1 and 2

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Another excellent performance training product from shooting-performance.com, this is volumes 1 and 2 (this contains both volumes you would have to order separately on Amazon) that contain the complimenting skills and drills for my book: "YOUR DEFENSIVE HANDGUN TRAINING PROGRAM." This DVD contains a tremendous amount of information in the form of technique as well as the dry fire and live fire drills done in phase 1 of the program found in my book.

Watching this DVD will greatly maximize the effectiveness of the total program. If you are a visual learner and looking for a good source of technique, this DVD is for you!

  • Every single training drill in phase 1 and 2 of the system is covered and demonstrated in detail from several views covering each of the technical points that the drill is designed to teach you.
  • This DVD also includes instruction on high performance sight and recoil control as well as mental tips.
  • It is best paired with the full book (mentioned above).
If you carry a handgun for defensive or tactical purposes, you need this DVD!