DVD - Defensive Rifle Training Program Skills and Drills Volume 1 and 2

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Volume 1 and 2 of two DVD set (you would have to order these two DVD's separate on Amazon) Are you interested in taking your defensive rifle skills to the next level with the most comprehensive training program ever designed? In this DVD, T.V. host and professional instructor/shooter Mike Seeklander demonstrates the rifle training secrets that will increase your ability to shoot and manipulate your rifle like a professional shooter. Dedicated to tactical/defensive purposes, Mike teaches you

  • High performance marksmanship and manipulation techniques,
  • shooting positions
  • Transitioning to secondary weapons
  • Braced shooting
  • Low light
  • Close quarters techniques
  • Rifle and gear setup
  • Weapon retention,
  • And much more!
Because the drills are layered and each teaches a specific component of skill, with some skills taught in dry fire drills and others taught in live fire drills, this set includes both volumes required to complete the program.