Training Program Book - Low Light Fight Training Program

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Do you carry a flashlight? Do you know how to use it to search, fight, or possibly shoot with? If not, this book is for you. Simple is always good and this book looks at the low light solution from a different angle, one that encompasses everything you need from a good low light system. If you are a concealed carry holder or in an occupation where carrying a gun and flashlight are part of your duties, get this book and learn how to effectively fight in low light conditions. You will learn:

     – Low Light Principles
     – Low Light Searching Techniques
     – Low Light Flashlight and Gear Selection
     – Low Light Combatives
     – Low Light Tactics
     – Low Light Shooting Techniques

Also included in this book are a complete set of dry fire and life fire drills to effectively train your low light shooting skills on and off the range. Combined with our most popular title; Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, you have an incredible defensive handgun system that will help you prevail in the fight for your life! Learn more at